Public involvement

The involvement of the public is an essential element in the development of long range multimodal transportation plans. This outreach process allows us to have first-hand knowledge of the experiences, needs and concerns of users, including the most vulnerable populations such as economically disadvantaged communities, the elderly and people with disabilities.

As part of the planning process, two (2) rounds of public participation activities for the general public were held in Open House format.

Open Houses

An Open House is an event designed to spread information about issues under discussion through different stations or booths while allowing for more informal communication between the general public and, in this case, a government agency. The Open Houses for the Multimodal Long Range Transportation Plan 2050 (MLRTP 2050) broke out from the typical public audience format and provided interactive public participation stations, all in accordance with the rules and regulations established due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

First Round of Open Houses

During April 2022, the First Round of Open Houses was held in the 7 regions defined by the MPO, with the goal of informing the citizens about the development of the plan, as well as to learn about the main needs and concerns regarding transportation on the island.

Below you can see the documents related to the First Round of Open Houses:

These meetings were held in person and hybrid, with the participation of a total of 341 people from the municipalities of:
In person meetings Hybrid meetings
• Guayama • Aguadilla
• Mayagüez • Fajardo
• Río Piedras • Hatillo
• Santurce • Ponce
• Vega Baja

Participant profile

Transportation system needs

Images of the development of the First Round of Open Houses

Second Round of Open Houses

From April to May 2023, the Second Round of Open Houses was held. The goal of this round of public involvement was to provide an update on the progress of the 2050 MLRTP and to validate the vision, goals and objectives of the plan. To achieve this, a series of exercises were performed where participants shared the order in which the goals and objectives should be prioritized, as well as their agreement or disagreement with the proposed vision.

Below you can consult the documents related to the Second Round of Open Houses:
A total of 505 people participated in these meetings in person in the municipalities of:
• Aguadilla • Arecibo
• Barranquitas • Bayamón
• Caguas • Ceiba
• Guayama • Mayagüez
• San Juan • Yauco

Goal prioritization

Public transportation improvements that would encourage its use

Images of the development of the Second Round of Open Houses